Political deceit is dangerous

Deceit is defined as “act of concealment, fraud, cheating, perversion of the truth for the purpose of misleading.” History has shown us that when a country’s political leaders become deceitful the moral fiber of a country can erode, and that its citizens usually incur major problems including the possible loss of freedom, or even life itself.
Today the number of blatant untruths that are flowing out of Washington have become breathtaking, and it is now obvious that America is losing its moral compass.
We have been told by our political leaders:
— that welfare benefits are to fight the war on poverty, not to buy votes;
— that welfare benefits to illegal immigrants have nothing to do with illegal voting;
— that student loan debt forgiveness has nothing to do with voting;
— that tying work requirements to welfare benefits is bad;
— that the fact that our welfare programs are causing huge annual deficits, and has resulted in our national debt doubling in the last eight years, is nothing to worry about;
— that reducing our military budget is needed to keep deficit spending under control while ISIS, Iran, Russia, China and North Korea rumble;
— that giving disadvantaged parents the choice of where to send their children to school is bad;
— that teaching our children to pray to God in school is bad;
— that we are not sure why so many disadvantaged mothers are having children out of wedlock once they started receiving welfare checks, but with no fathers in the house they need even more welfare benefits;
— and our political leaders have no idea why we are having so much social chaos in disadvantaged neighborhoods, but that it probably has something to do with bad cops (rather than the absence of fathers).
The Bible is the best history book known to man, and in the Books of Isaiah and Micah it talks about a time when its leaders were corrupt and deceitful and led the people astray as they became stiff-necked and turned away from God. The subscribers of this paper may want to read Isaiah and Micah, and find out what happened to those stiff-necked people who continued to vow to rebuild rather than change their ways.
Vow to rebuild ? Hasn’t America been rebuilding a lot of stuff lately ?
Steve Gardes, CPA


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