Gov. John Bel Edwards

Some Republicans question if there is a a $600M shortfall in the budget

Gov. John Bel Edwards in the well of the House chamber during happier times. Credit: Samuel Carter Karlin

Some House Republicans, wary of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ budget figures and reluctant to raise more taxes, are questioning whether the state truly has a $600 million shortfall, with one legislator estimating the shortfall could be up to half that figure.

Attorney general’s budget faces hurdles

Attorney General Jeff Landry

The Louisiana House took a possibly unprecedented stance last week when it approved a standalone appropriations bill, apart from the state budget, for the attorney general’s Justice Department.
The likelihood of HB 105 passing, though, is not great, based on more than a dozen interviews regarding the proposal.

House OKs bill to give attorney general a separate budget

Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry

House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry’s contentious proposal to give the attorney general’s office authority over its own budget devolved into a lengthy and heated debate among representatives and Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry Thursday.  


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