House panel votes down key Edwards revenue package in 10-9 vote

House Ways & Means Committee chairman Neil Abramson, D-New Orleans, during Wednesday’s meeting in which a tax bill key to Gov. John Bel Edwards’ plan to plug a $600 million shortfall in next year’s budget was killed. Credit: Samuel Carter Karlin

Louisiana lawmakers voted to kill a key part of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ revenue-raising package Wednesday, throwing a wrench in his plan to close the state’s $600 million budget deficit.

Senate President: Individual income changes will be 'tough'

Jeremy Alford

With a variety of issues on the agenda for second special session of the Louisiana Legislature, ranging from sales tax exemptions to corporate taxes, Senate President John Alario believes the most endangered part of the governor’s call may involve the personal taxes paid by citizens of the state.

Regular session ends with dramatic moment

Sen. Karen Carter Petersen, D-New Orleans, listens to Gov. John Bel Edwards address the joint session of the Legislature on the opening day of the second special session of the year. The night before she single-handedly killed a bill to allow juveniles who were sentenced to life without parole would have become eligible after serving 30 years in prison. Credit: Samuel Carter Karlin

With three minutes left in the 2016 regular session, a life-and-death drama was unfolding on the Senate floor. Sen.


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